Author: Carrie Newman  

A Table Topper and a Card.....all handmade!

To get myself going again I decided to start with my favourite block for designing with. It's a never-fail for me. Found my chart I like to use that takes figuring the maths out of it and off I went. I wanted to make a table topper that was square. Now, this first one I did took a bit of turning this way and that once I had decided on my size finished. 

 I had so much fun with this. Designing....quilting...got my creative juices flowing again.  I also thought as I was sewing down the binding....this would be a fun challenge for a swap in our ETF Swap group. So Wow...new table topper plus the next idea for a swap. Happy as a clam!! I had a few petals left over and made myself a little card too!

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