Sulky threads are a high-quality, strong, and durable decorative thread commonly used in embroidery and quilting. They are made from 100% rayon or polyester fibres, and are known for their shiny and lustrous appearance.

Sulky threads are typically thicker than regular sewing threads, with a denier range between 40-60, making them suitable for adding texture, dimension, and visual interest to embroidery designs. They come in various colours, from basic neutrals to vibrant hues, and are often used in machine embroidery projects.

One of the benefits of using Sulky threads is their strength, which allows them to withstand the tension of high-speed embroidery machines without breaking or fraying. They also have a soft and smooth texture, which makes them easy to handle and work with.

In addition to their use in machine embroidery, Sulky threads are popular in hand embroidery, quilting, and other needlework projects requiring a strong and visually striking sewing thread

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