Eleganza 8wt 5-Gram Solid Perle Cotton Ball 42yd


Perle cotton is one of those thread basics any hand stitcher can’t go without. So why not reach for the best? Eleganza is a gorgeous Perle cotton thread that comes in an incredible 340 unique solid and variegated colours. With that kind of selection, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the colours for your next project.

One of the things that make Eleganza Perle cotton unique is its tight twist. This 2 ply thread resists unravelling, making it easy and efficient to sew with, without worrying about tangling or untwisting. That’s not something anyone wants to think about while they’re focused on creating something beautiful. The thread has also undergone double gassing, which is a process where 80% of the thread lint is burnt off it's surface. This process is repeated a second time, making this one of the cleanest and smoothest Perle cotton on the market. You’ll have no trouble stitching with this thread through all kinds of fabrics and fibres.









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