Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread | Size 10 | 30 different Colours available

Crochet thread is a type of yarn that is traditionally used for creating delicate crochet projects such as doilies, lace, and other intricate designs. It is typically made from cotton or a cotton blend, although it can also be made from other materials such as linen, silk, or bamboo.

Crochet thread is thinner and smoother than regular yarn and comes in a range of sizes or thicknesses, referred to as weight, from the finest lace weight to the heavier sport weight. The thread's weight determines the size of the crochet hook used, with finer threads requiring smaller hooks, and heavier threads requiring larger hooks.

Crochet thread is always available in a range of colours, making it an ideal choice for creating intricate and decorative projects.

We are proud to carry their Aunt Lydias No 10 Size range which we import directly from the USA.

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