Magic Pins & Magic Clips by Taylor Seville

MAGIC PINS by Taylor Seville

The perfect Magic pin for every purpose.

Magic Pins have a comfort grip that are heat resistant sewing pins which are stored in a designer plastic storage case. Magic Pins are tailored for many uses from Quilting and Patchwork to Applique.

For so many of us that have arthritis and carpal tunnel issues, Magic Clips with their special grip really help to hold with so little effort. 

All the pins are made to suit a certain purpose which is another reason why they are so worth having. Imagine using a long pin for applique, how painful could that be. There are new pins coming out as well with extra grip!


MAGIC CLIPS by Taylor Seville

Magic Clips by Taylor Seville


Magic Clips are the clip you can sew right over! Precise sewing with no need to remove the clips.

Precise markings in 1/4" increments. Magic Clips open wide and lay flat for easy use. The Magic Clip fits under sewing foot. Surgical grade stainless steel. These Magic Clips come in sizes from Mini to Big and in packs of 6 or 12.


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