Charm Pack 5in Squares - Australia

A charm pack precut fabric is another type of pre-cut fabric used in quilting and sewing projects. It typically consists of a bundle of 5-inch squares of fabric, usually from a specific fabric line or collection. Like layer cakes, the fabric is usually high-quality cotton and is often coordinated in colour and design.

Charm packs are also popular among quilters because they save time in the cutting process and are convenient for small-scale projects or when you need smaller pieces of fabric for quilting or sewing. Charm packs can be used for a variety of quilting projects, such as patchwork, applique, or small quilts.

Because charm packs are smaller than layer cakes, they are often used in combination with other pre-cut fabrics or yardage to create a larger project. They are available in many different prints and patterns, and like layer cakes, they can be used for a variety of fabric crafts beyond quilting, such as making coasters, placemats, or small fabric baskets.

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