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YKK ZIPPERS are our standard zippers that are used for dressmaking and small bags or inside pockets. We carry the 14in size in a big variety of colours. 

Sallie Tomato Zippers by the yardZIPPERS BY THE YARD are lots of fun to use as they are 3 yards long.

What’s unique about Sallie Tomato Zippers by the Yard is they appear to look like metal, but they actually aren’t! These zippers have a nylon coil with a metallic finish, which makes them easy to cut and sew.

Pam Damour Reversible Zippers by the Yard It's the perfect zipper for all your handbags and home-decor projects. Because of the reversible coil, you can make 2-way zippers and make bags using only one side of the zipper.

Separating Zippers are used for making jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and items you need to unhook and separate the zipper totally. These come in a variety of lengths and colours. 

Big Lacie Zippers are pretty cool too. They are zippers that are not sewn under seams but they are sewn on top and completely show!! 

We have lots of Zip Pulls/Sliders as well to choose from. Whichever Zipper you need we are bound to have one in stock to suit your project. If in any doubt please drop us an email

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