2 1/2 inch Strip Rolls

A jelly roll precut fabric is another type of pre-cut fabric used in quilting and sewing projects. It typically consists of a bundle of 2.5-inch strips of fabric cut from various materials from a specific collection or line. The strips are usually rolled up and tied with a ribbon or binding, hence the name "jelly roll."

2 1/2 inch Strip rolls are popular among quilters because they save time in the cutting process and offer a variety of fabrics that are coordinated in colour and design. They can be used for various quilting projects, such as log cabin quilts, strip quilts, or other projects that use long, narrow strips of fabric.

Because they are already cut into strips, quilters can get creative with the patterns and designs they create. They can be used in combination with other pre-cut fabrics or yardage to create a larger project. They are available in many different prints and patterns, and like other pre-cut fabrics, they can be used for a variety of fabric crafts beyond quilting, such as making fabric-covered journals, or even clothing and accessories.

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