Sewtites Magnetic Sewing Pins

Sewtite Magnetic Sewing Pins 

You've heard of SewTites and that they are useful for a variety of sewing uses, including English Paper Piecing, embroidery, bagmaking, garment making, long arm quilting, and more – but you're not sure which ones you should buy for how you sew.

Which SewTites to Use for Hand Sewing

The Sewtite Dots are just one magnet, but the strongest individual magnet, and were originally designed specifically for wool appliqué – they’ll hold several layers of wool together.

They also will “slip” around easily if you want the ability to move the magnet with your non-sewing hand while you stitch.




The SewTites Minis have two magnets, so they stay put a bit more while sewing, but they are longer than the Dots – 1.25" (32 mm) long versus .67" (17mm) in diameter – so the Dots work best for super small projects.

The Minis also work well for flatback stitching because you can "straddle" the two pieces together with the two magnets on the Minis 


Which SewTites to Use for Bagmaking

The SewTites Original or SewTites HD model are good options for bagmakers.

The original works well for holding one layer of stabilizer and one layer of leather or other thick material together.

If you’re using Annie’s Soft ‘n Stable, then go with the HDs – they securely hold together more than one layer of her thick stabilizer because of the stronger magnets in this model.


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