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Pins and Needles are a definite necessity for sewing. And we carry the top brands like Clover, Tulip, Schmetz, Fons and Porter & Dritz to name a few!! We have Embroidery needles to Quilting needles and Pins in different sizes for a variety of needs. 

Clover Needles have a gold-eye plating with a unique eliptical design for easy threading. The needle’s hardness was obtained through high temperature treatment, making the needles hard to break or bend. 

Tulip Needles...did you know that the History of Hiroshima Needle production stretches back over 300 years. Tulip’s needle factory is located in a region called “Kake” (in the present-day town of Akiota), about 50 kilometers upstream from Hiroshima Bay along the Otagawa River, in the heart of the Chugoku Mountains. During the Edo Period, Kake was known as the Geihoku Region’s own “center for tatara (method) iron-making” rivaling Izumo, which is also part of the Chugoku Mountain’s great iron sand producing region. The Kake Region achieved great prosperity through the use of water transport on the Otagawa River to bring in necessary materials and supplies from around Japan while also serving as a center for transporting iron produced through “tatara iron-making” to Hiroshima.

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