How to Manage a Cone Holder

Author: Carrie Newman   Date Posted:27 September 2015 

It's about Cone Holders....what do you use? Necessity is the Mother of Invention so they say and a friend of mine gave me this idea which has been a keeper!

I ordered this heavy bottom weighted Cone Holder overseas and picked it up whilst on a trip to the USA. (my daughters) 

It doesn't screw in and I was going nuts with how to use it. My friend suggested on the top edge of sewing machine use a narrow piece of sticky tape and tape down I piece of rubber hosing or straw.

I happened to have some hosing (like the size of an air tube for a fish tank) that was small cause all you need is to thread a thread! Even a good quality plastic straw will do the same job.

Wow, gave me just the tension I needed. Never had to touch my tension at all. I just thread it right across and through the normal channels. 

Wonderful how something so simple makes a complicated problem so easy.

The Cone Holder which I purchased in the USA. I put a small cap on it to remind me that there are many ideas that you can use to solve problems. It also makes it look a tad better.
A small piece of plastic tubing sellotaped to the top of your machine on the right side makes flowing of the thread smooth and fast at the same time providing excellent tension.


There I hope that helps you understnad how easy this little problem can be 

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Dag nabbit good stuff

17 May 2017
Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!

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