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How do you find the time for sewing?

How do you find the time for sewing?

Posted by Carolyn Newman on 4th Sep 2019

Running a business with my husband keeps us on our toes 24 & 7 because we are online and basically always available. So there's the business plus ETF FB and our ETF FB Swap group + my own personal FB + Pinterest and Instagram. It's a juggling act and not one I think I'm all that good at. Recently took quite a break...still kept at them but had pulled back quite a bit for a few months. 

What I missed was my creativity. My sewing. That time where I get lost in my project and enjoy that feeling of discovery or practicing my FMQ. When I am start something and go right off in left field creating my own idea instead. I love that and I had lost that for quite some time. 

So I decided to get back to sewing. If I'm not filling up my own tank how do I inspire others.

First I had to make the time and I decided to prioritise a few things. Like meals, laundry and the FB's! It takes a bit of scheduling and for me writing notes works. I look at home chores like monkey's on my back so I get them done and fast. Tick...on to the next. Do I need to do them every day? not really. I'm learning to undo decades of habits I put on myself. Do I need to make all I even want a full meal. No. Meal times are changing and I'm lucky that Michael doesn't mind that either. Flexibility is the key. 

Now that I have those things starting to take a backseat....sewing time! 

You can't just flip that mojo on like a light switch can you? I need something fun...pretty fast...not too big and useful. Love Table Toppers, Kitchen towels, mats, hotpads and things to pretty up and give a nice change. Spring just that's a good reason for a change isn't it!! There is one type of quilting block I have a blast with and love how you can design with it so easily!