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This is a guide to the Batting that we currently carry in-store


Everything Fabric – Batting Uses and Applications

Batting (material), a layer of insulation between a top layer of patchwork and a layer of backing material in quilting 




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How do you use


Double Sided Fusible 100% Cotton Batting


Sew Easy

Code: NC4450

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Iron Fabric to both sides.

Any projects you make with fabric. The fabric adheres really well and you won’t need to spray or pin before quilting.

Thermal Batting

Sew Easy

Code: NL4220

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Sewn in

Anything you will lay heat on or pick up something hot. Hot pads, oven mitts, placemats etc. Still though I would strongly suggest adding batting as well on both sides.

Wool/Cotton 50/50 Batting

Sew Easy


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Sewn in

Nice medium weight and warmth for both summer and winter use.

Pellon Wrap N Zap 100% Cotton Batting



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Sewn in

Has become popular for microwave oven use. Potato bags or bowl warmers. Generally regarded as the best product on the market

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What a pleasure to find!

17 May 2017
What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly

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