About Us



Everything Fabric is an Australian owned and operated online store based in Toogoom, Queensland. We are able to supply you with your Quilting, Patchwork and Sewing needs at competitive prices!

We stock Quality 100% Cotton Fabric sourced from the best designers and manufacturers from around the world. Also in stock we have a huge range of Sewing and Quilting Notions, Patterns, Adhesives, Battings and Threads plus a whole lot more. Over 1350 products in fact just waiting for you to see. We pride ourselves on striving to be at the leading edge of Customer Service Best Practice. Try us and find out! 

About Me:

Hello, My name is Carrie Newman and Id like to share with you just a wee bit about myself.

Making quilts, dolls and filling our home with those special touches led me to start my own business in America in the 90’s. I ran my business from home and sold my items at shows and in shops both in California and Wyoming. 


In the late 90’s I made a life changing move to Australia. At the time I truly didn't have a clue as to just how wonderful my life was going to be. Australia is so beautiful. Inspiration is just simply everywhere! It didn’t take long to realise this is 

where I was meant to be. I was naturalised soon after. Now that is a moment in time I will always treasure! No one can tell me the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

My husband, Michael retired from corporate life at the end of 2010 and we both thought it was a great idea to start an online business in something that I totally enjoyed. Hey Presto; Everything Fabric became a reality in 2013.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy being part of our Quilting Family. Our business is of course all about selling fabric and notions. The cornerstones of our Online store are our competitive pricing, customer service and product range together with our abilty to "Inspire you Creatively".